The concept of the escape game on wheels

The idea is to allow everyone to access an Escape Room concealed in a caravan.


You are no longer limited to one location. No need to travel we are coming near you, your establishment, during events, your festival, during your team-building work dos and even for a birthday.



 The game entails to manage to escape from the caravan with a predetermined time (an hour for adults or 45 minutes for children).

It is usually played as a group of two to six contenders in order to favour communication and helping out each other.


Players have to seek clues scattered in the caravan, then combine them with each other to be able to progress little by little throughout the storyline and maybe get out in time.


This caravan has been entirely rebuilt and refurbished using recycled materials.

We are energy autonomous thanks to the solar panel installed on the caravan.

We are based in Les Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to get more information.


We offer also the opportunity to play up to 10 people (2 groups of 5) at the same time on two identical mysterious cubes!


These boxes will put your nerves to the test, you will face your comrades while being faster and more ingenious than them!


Which team will be the best?


Which team will survive the final macabre countdown?